These safety and competition guidelines are designed with safe cars and safe racing in mind. Please refer to the Directors noted with any questions.


Badgerland Vintage Racers

A group of individuals dedicated to preserving what those who have raced before us have created.


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Charlie Bergdorf 262-483-0286

Doug Drews -

Conduct: Any inappropriate conduct on or off the track will not be tolerated. If any problems arise, the directors will confer and hand out disciplinary actions as they see fit. Remember, we are all supposed to be having fun with old race cars. There is no prize money. Treat each other and their cars with respect. A lot of drivers do not have much experience..

If you are thinking of buying or building a car, please talk to one of the directors first to see if it will be allowed to run.

Suggested Guidelines

**NOTE - Directors have the right to grant exceptions and make changes as they see fit**

1.No more than 2 wide racing. 3 wide racing will not be tolerated.

2.Give each other room. No rough driving or intentional contact.

3.Slower cars are to run low on the track.

4.Snell SA2010 or newer helmets, fire suits, gloves, and leather boots mandatory. Fireproof shoes, socks, underwear, and neck restraint are recommended.

5.Fire extinguisher in the pits.

6.5 point safety harnesses.

7.Maximum 15 inch tire and rim for dirt. 10 inch wide maximum asphalt tire and 12” rim. Dirt tires on dirt. Asphalt tires on asphalt

8.Cars must have a fuel cell. Fuel Cells should have a shut off valve and its location (and On/Off direction) should be clearly marked. A label indicating fuel type (Gasoline/Alcohol) should be present near the fuel cell.

9.Vintage style cars only. Newer cars must look old. Identifiable body lines. No completely flat panels to form an entire body.

10.No down tube chassis

11.Brakes must be functional and will be inspected.

12. 2 throttle return springs attached in different locations.

13.Toe strap on accelerator pedal.

14.Mufflers or silencers recommended.

15.Batteries in driver’s compartment covered and secured.

16.Steel Plate under driver’s seat.

17.Safety loop around front of drive shaft.

18.Oversized washers on steering heim ends.

19.Tie up front of radius rods.

20.Adequate padding in driver’s compartment.

21.Screen in windshield. Left window screen also recommended.

22.Prefer no wings. “Banana” or other vintage style may be allowed.

23. Raceveivers are highly recommended in 2020. They will be mandatory in 2021 and beyond.




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